First six panoramas of Burning Man 2008

Back from Burning Man and still dusty, here are five large panoramas to give you a sense of it.

This year was great fun as always, this time in our own small Esplanade camp, rather than with Camp I Am. The main downside this year was the horrible playa conditions -- think dust, including drifts that made it very difficult to bicycle in most places, and even my new art car was difficult to ride in a number of places, especially deep playa. It also meant whiteout dust storms on Monday, Saturday (delaying the burn) and Sunday. Nothing too bad but certainly frightening for newbies.

I'll post more observations later, but here are a few for now:

  • An art car is great, and the car I inherited generated praise everywhere we went. Felt a little guilty taking it sometimes, but you can't explain to everybody that you didn't build it.
  • Next time, I'll bring 3 spare air filters, though I don't think it will be this dusty again. A snorkel on the air intake might also help. Plus, I think I would like to convert to battery power for the lights, though that will be a major operation.
  • With the big red ATM sign I bought, the ATM got a lot more traffic and we handed out almost all the playa money.
  • The phone, as usual, worked poorly for the first few days because the network never seems to work out in the outer city for some time. But it got some pretty giant lines, and heartwarming stories. We need to make a logbook.
  • The photo wall is getting too big. It documented 9 years this time (I removed 2001 since the photo is not that remarkable) and shrunk many others. I need to take a new approach, or get help building it, or both.
  • The theme went off OK, if anything the response was too wussy. Lots of flags, and while there was protest art it was not at all edgy or shocking as one might have expected. Most people stayed away from the theme, by and large. Not a failure like the Green Man but not a grand success like the Floating World.
  • Next year's theme, Evolution, looks more promising.
  • While there are lots of quiet spaces, I never seem to find them. I left Camp I Am in part because most of what was left of art there was going to involve loud music (live, and good quality, but still loud) and that's not compatible with my phone. Instead we got Entheon (which promised no music dome) playing very loud music in their non-dome right behind us, and Bomb Squad's mobile music platform stayed at home more nights than it left. Sigh.

In the panorama collection this year are two rather interesting ones. One is a shot of the temple burn. Because I am in the crowd, the view behind me shows the clear faces of the people watching. Solemn, still, some crying. It says a lot.

Another shot, my largest single panorama to date, is a shot of the whole city, up close, from the tower of Babel. The tower 11 stories tall, all-steel construction, in the deep playa. The highest viewpoint built to date. Even with the steel beams, it was not stable enough for a photo at night at the top, and they blocked the ability to take photos from lower levels with a screen.

Update: I've added one of the temple.


bummer it was so dusty and you couldn't get a night shot... we'll camp with you next year, and bring along sound deadening guns... hmmm, I smell a project :-)

As you can see, I did get night shots. I will probably do another post about why they are so hard.


Brad I think it will be too intresting to see these panoramic images in video ( 360 degree ). I didnt find it in your website.

Can you post the link if any.

Or I would highly appreciate... to see these panoramic images into 360 degree videos.

Do you mean as quicktime-VR? I can generate those but currently don't desire to. I have put some panoramas up on gigapan.

Note, you have used a corporate page as your home page, so let me know why as that's a common spammer trick these days.

Dear Brad,

I geve a comment about a VR video. May be flash or Real time.

It will be more descriptive.

And I do not think I made a spam.

I filled the form that asked me a question about the webpage and I gave the same.

Is this how a comment gets a reponse.

I was waiting for your reply. I read your article on spam. Sorry to say but this was a reference to your website through google and I read and thought a question and commented.

I didnt thought of a spam may be how it appeared. If though sorry.

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