Cruise ‘Recalls’ Robotaxis After Crash, But The Recall Is The Wrong Mechanism


In June, Cruise had the first crash for an uncrewed robotaxi which caused injuries to 3rd parties, including a passenger and a person in the other vehicle. The Cruise vehicle was partly at fault.

In this article I outline the new details we have learned about the crash, but also discuss what it means for the future, and whether the use of a NHTSA "Recall" for this particular software update is the right idea.

Read more in the Forbes site story at Cruise ‘Recalls’ Robotaxis After Crash, But The Recall Is The Wrong Mechanism


Autonomous cars might always need people, according to Cruise’s CEO.

Cruise’s CEO Kyle Vogt was asked if he could see a point where remote human oversight could be removed from the company’s autonomous vehicle fleet. His surprising response: “Why?” Edge cases in autonomous driving often require human intervention to get around, and currently, Cruise uses a staff of remote human operators to help with those situations. Cruise previously has never mentioned that this will likely be a long-term solution, however, according to Reuters, Vogt’s statements make it clear that people will still be in the loop for a long time to come.

What is current ratio of remote operators to vehicles for Waymo or Cruise?

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