Custom Robotaxi from Baidu


Baidu Apollo has released their own custom robotaxi plan. This one looks more like a regular minivan/custom taxi, but its steering wheel, there only for compliance purposes, is designed to be removed when the law allows, and that opens up the interior. They also say they can make it for about $37,000.

For more details see my story at Custom Robotaxi from Baidu


In the next 5 years, given the current status of development in the AV industry, is any major disruptive force possible in the AV industry?

RSS development slowdown - release 4.5.1 is last release Nov 2021

intel dot github dot io/ad-rss-lib/

The following parts of RSS are NOT implemented in this release of the library software:

Longitudinal or lateral evasive maneuvers as defined by RSS; and
Intersections without a lateral conflict.

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