Didi makes a profit, Uber doesn't, can Robotaxis


In the study of how much profit Robotaxis can make it's interesting to note that even in the Pandemic year, Didi will make a billion dollar profit from ride hail, while Uber continues to lose money and make people wonder if it can ever be profitable.

Didi's profit suggests the path to robotaxi profitability is attainable. Some more data is at this Forbes site article:

Didi Makes $1 Billion Profit While Uber Bleeds — Good News For Robotaxis


Robotaxi profitability is definitely attainable. I just don't think it's attainable at a price point that causes people to give up their personally-owned vehicles.

Buy a robocar from some robocar manufacturer, charge $1.50/mile for robotaxi service to/from the airport, and profit? Sure. No problem. Could be done on a smaller scale, but a company like Amazon is also extremely well positioned to offer a service like this. Maybe it'll only be $0.75/mile if you have Amazon Prime.

It's the utopian fantasy of no one owning a car because they use robotaxis for every trip that I don't see coming to most parts of the USA. Maybe it'll happen in China. Maybe in NYC, if it still exists in a few years (I joke). But most of the USA is just not like those places.

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