Foolish California Bill demands a robocars be electric by 2025


A proposed California bill would require all robocars to be zero emission in under 4 years. As good as going electric is, the government should not be picking the power train so soon, especially when there is no sign that the existing players are bad actors. I detail more in my Forbes site article at

Foolish California Bill demands a robocars be electric by 2025


Thanks for your blog perspective. I arrived last night from Denver to help my daughter who arrived from Singapore, to move back to the States. At 10:30pm we were wrangling 7 suitcases, a backpack, stroller and baby on to a shuttle with a tired and yelling driver. Greatest country in the world? Not for systems that help people. I was glad I could speak English. The airport offers no explanations in other languages, no signage either. You nailed it.

In the robotaxi world, people no longer need to buy the car for all their needs. They can summon a special car when they have special needs.

Excellent point. I'd add that this is also true in a world where you can easily rent a robocar. And the robocar doesn't even have to be able to go driverless everywhere you want to go, as long as it can go between wherever you want to pick it up and drop it off and the owner's facility. If Waymo let people sit in the driver's seat and take over when out of range, and I lived in Phoenix, it'd be a perfect rental car. Add in ADAS features when out of range and it'd be even better.

I definitely like having my own car. It's got my stuff in it. My masks are in it. My backpack is in it. I've got pens and a notepad in it. I've got plastic bags in the back ready to be recycled on my next trip to the grocery store. My kids leave messes in it and I don't have to pay a fine or anything. I think that a lot of people are like me in that they wouldn't be willing to give up having their own car. But for long trips with special needs, I'd be willing to rent a car, if it was convenient and affordable.

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