How RV Parks can exploit a new market of EV road trippers


RV parks already have the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles on road trips. They just need somewhere decent for the road trippers to sleep and they can exploit a whole new market. Some already rent little cabins. If they add glamping tents they can serve customers at a low cost and could quickly fill out the many gaps in the EV trip network. In my new Forbes site article, I outline the things they could do, and give some advice to drivers too.

Read How RV Parks can prepare for the new market of EV road trippers


Hey Brad, Darb here! (Opposite, but in agreement)

I was curious if your EV RV Park article got any traction? I recently went on a long road trip in my Tesla model3 that included some remote places. By happenstance I used a few campsite/RV Park charging locations. It was awesome, and a roadtrip (life) changer. Afterward I reached out to KOA corporate about advertising to the EV community... crickets.

Some RV parks welcome EVs, some don't. Some KOAs won't let people sleep in their Teslas in the park.

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