How will EVs handle the Thanksgiving crunch?


Thanksgiving is back baby. In 2019 a storm caused lines at some EV chargers. Will it repeat this year, and how do you handle the peak demand for long distance road travel?

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There's no need to rush this.
It'll take a 7yr public decision as to how far this can or should go to get the best safety and reduction in poor road behaviour.

Plus the experiment that really needs to be made is how a 50/50 mix of self-driving 'safety optimized' vehicles and a mix of self interested 'gaming the field' drivers would wind up reacting to each other.

Another 7yrs to get to that point, where prices are competitive and charging stations are commonplace.

Then we'll be left with 7-15yr grandfathered vehicles that need to co-exist.

You know, i just realized we still put 'unleaded' on gas labels..

The JP Morgan 2022 Global Automotive Survey was published today. This survey was last published in 2021.

In the US, BEVs are still struggling to catch on. Only 1 in 5 consumers want an all-electric car.

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