A vaccine for autoimmune disorders


When our society got rich, we started living much more sterile lives, and a whole bunch of diseases cropped up which are autoimmune disorders. These range from allergies to Chrohn's Disease, which destroys the bowel. Many of these syndromes did not exist in the pre-sterile world. (Not all autoimmune disorders are this way, of course.)

So some parents have become aware that you need to let your kids play in the muck, and with animals, and get exposed to diseases and parasites so your immune system grows up as you grow up. Otherwise, with nothing to do, it can attack you.

But parents are protective. They are not going to deliberately expose their children to parasites. But there are treatments that have been developed for sufferers of these diseases that give them safe alternatives that their immune system can fight. For example, the spores of parisites that infect other animals, but not humans.

So we need to develop a regime of "vaccines" against autoimmune disorders. A regimen of safe infectious agents that will put the immune system through the paces it expects to go through in the natural world, but which won't cause damage. And we need to expose children, and possibly even adults, to them through their lives.


Do you have any references to the research that shows how many
autoimmune diseases are the result of a sterile world?

It's called the Hygiene Hypothesis, and while it is still a subject of debate, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting it, at least with some diseases. Well, what is known is that certain diseases (including Crohn's) increased greatly in incidence in modern society. People suggest all sorts of causes, including vaccination, hygiene and more. A google search will find various references.

Autoimmunity caused by living in a sterile world? Bullshit. I grew up on a farm (if you lack imagination, think manure, bare feet, scruffy animals, stray cats, playing in the mud, drinking raw milk). I WAS NEVER SICK. I never missed a day of school. I am not joking. I am now in my thirties and I have an autoimmune condition.

I'm 100% with person who submitted "Bovine Manure." I also grew up on a farm with my hands in the dirt being exposed to every germ in the book. I developed an auto immune disease at 14. So the theory is crap. The best information I have found is that the root trigger for this is eating gluten and genetic predisposition. I have a parent, grandparent and brother with other autoimmmune diseases but different from mine. So don't eat wheat, barley, rye and maybe oatmeal and after about 1-2 weeks you will see improvement. I already have. So there!

It is not my intention (or anybody's) to suggest that all immune disorders are caused by hygiene. There is just some evidence to suggest that some of them may be.

Is it true that most autoimmune disorders are more common in women? Such a skew would be compatible with the Hygiene Hypothesis, assuming that girls are discouraged more strongly than boys from getting dirty.

You don't actually need references to make such statements, these are facts that we can see daily, plus there are plenty scientifically researches that say the same thing. I am actually worried about that and many parents don't see the danger. The immune system is created in first years of life, that's why it's better to let our children play in the ground or experience "non-sterile" environments so their anti corps learn to protect them. This is the mechanism. From what I see, many children and also many grown ups are facing immune system problems because their lack of defense. This is the case of my cousin, now he is taking immublast to strengthen his system.

Vaccines are needed by pharmaceutical industry - to make huge multi-billion business.

Vaccines create lots and lots of serious unexpected problems.

We need simple things:

1. Unpolluted environment (air, water, food, house...)

2. Strong and well regulate immune system

I agree with the one who said -

- "We need simple things:

1. Unpolluted environment (air, water, food, house...)

2. Strong and well regulate immune system"

For the others blaming sterile upbringing think about this:

The problem is over taxing of our immune systems by all the chemicals , pollutants , stresses and so forth of an overworked chemical and caffeine fueled modern life combined with poor diet (processed hormone antibiotic, injected, meat), and now no wonder our immune systems are worn down. Any doctor will tell you after you have been sick your immune system need time to recover. With some exceptions most inherent immunities take generations of evolution to favor they don't pop up or the children of isolated native populations in the past when faced with colonists arrival from the east and who were suddenly exposed to new diseases would not have died along with the adults. Also as sterile as one may try to make short of bubble boy or total isolation and home schooling a kid, if a bug is going around or a germ out there and common in the world the kid is most likely to face it anyway no matter what these parent's think. Ever want to meet a grown man with the flu , a rash and recurring pinkeye every other week? spend some time with a father who has a kid in pre school or an elementary school teacher. Kids are still to spite their parents best efforts by the time they enter school a magnet of germs acquiring and trading them like pokemon. It's only these parent's hopes to instill habits like washing their hands that will last a lifetime and keep from getting mauled themselves. It's the adults who need to worry as sometimes that 7 year olds bug can put them and their older workaholic latte drinking chain smoking butt in the hospital. You'll be glade when you grab a door knob at work or food at a restaurant if hopfully the adults around you grew up learning hygiene and how to not spread disease. What happens when you are exposed to disease ? Well you tend to unintentionally spread it and if you are not smart enough to avoid unnecessarily getting infected you will not likely to have the hygiene sense to keep it to yourself. From what I've seen people have grown up to spite this supposed sterile hygiene focus some people claim has been prevalent to still mostly be careless thoughtless fools. I've seen them come to work coughing so hard they can't talk and pass out from fever before being sent home, like they think they are doing anyone a favor coming to work so then half the office can be out and sometimes maybe even one person gets pneumonia and croaks but I can't help thinking about them "thanks for sharing your germs with everyone you meet as since your sick why shouldn't they be too, regardless of their health or medical conditions, your a hero of vaccination and your poor hygiene is a public service really.":) I see adults leave the restroom without washing their hands and then go around shaking hands in a meeting. I've known women to eat food (snacking) while sitting on a public toilette. People lean over into your cubicle and tell you they are dog sick with flu as they curl their tung into a make shift germ cannon and cough spasticly in your direction then when done cough into their hand use someones desk phone and slime the door handle with their palm on the way out. What is the problem however is antibiotic overuse. Use in hand creams, use in healthy animals kept in filthy disease ridden over crowded conditions as antibiotic preventive care because it's cheaper then caring for them properly.It server to can weed out the weak bacteria and create antibiotic resistant strains form every bacteria they contact in your body not just what you took them for. It's the best way to selectively breed things like MSRA and other super bugs since they evolve a lot quicker than we do through our slower natural selection.

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