Tesla battery guru and new super-lifetime cell


Tesla's "battery guru" from Halifax, NS released a paper on some new battery cells they have been testing in his lab and getting 6,000 cycles from 0 to 100% on. That's a lot better than today's cells which offer 2000 cycles from 20% to 80% if you are lucky. This could be very big for electric cars, grid storage and it is suggested even robotaxis -- but their needs turn out to be more straightforward than originally thought. But it does bring down the cost.

See my analysis of what longer lasting batteries mean at Forbes.com in Tesla battery guru describes a new cell with massive lifetime


Its also possible to imagine reducing depreciation by discharging the EV battery onto the grid during peak hours, thus EARNING money.

As batteries get cheaper and cheaper, dedicated banks of batteries will be peak shaving and solving the renewables intermittency problem.

Why not earn still more money from your car while sitting in your office cubicle?

It seems to me that the economics of battery lifetime change dramatically depending on whether the chemicals in the battery can be efficiently recovered and used in the construction of new batteries. I would be interested in an article on this aspect of the problem.

It's an interesting field, with constant development. People are both trying to find chemistries that avoid certain elements (like cobalt) that are difficult to get or difficult to recycle, and also working at the best ways to recycle.

I have some optimism. The lead-acid battery is actually, I have read, the most recycled thing in our society, with numbers in the high 9x% range. When an EV or its pack is junked, it seems almost certain it will head to recycling if that is economical.

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