Is Waymo's 70% satisfaction score bad news or good news


Some customer satisfaction scores leaked from Waymo and were posted by "The Information." The story depicts the 70% 5-star rating as very much a glass-half-empty story, worrying about the problem rides. I think that's actually a very impressive score, and a sign of great things to come, which I detail in the new Forbes site story at:

Waymo's poor 70% satisfaction rate is actuall

Other Waymo news

You may also be interested in my coverage of Waymo's release (for academic use only) of a large corpus of training data.

Waymo gives away free self driving data


What basis do you have to put Apple on same short list as Waymo on having a "best shot" at competing in automated ride-sharing? Although there is little in public domain on Apple's progress, I believe there are others ahead of them.

I rank Apple highly as a company that could create a competitor to Uber if they wanted to. With human drivers. We don't have any real information on the quality of Titan.

Is that actually a measurable number, or is it just an analogy for something else?

I doubt many humans drive safely even 99% of the time, though again it's not clear exactly how to measure that.

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