We cam finally do away with the accursed beep-beep


I wrote before about the accursed "beep beep" that big machines make when they back up -- and even a few cars. There is an answer to it, and that answer has just come out of patent. So what can we do to ban the beep and make safer systems that don't destroy the peace and quiet of the air?

Read about that in this Forbes.com story at We cam finally do away with the accursed beep-beep


Surely this article is way out of date. I contract as a courier in Sydney and other sounds are now on most new vans and truck.

Much less noise than a BEEP too.

Sadly, in other parts of the world, beep-beep is still common.

its the end of 2023 an im sitting in my own home still listening to beep beep beep beep. every day, 7.30 (illegal) to gone 5, beep beep beep beep, 4 years and counting, beep beep beep beep. This has to stop! beep beep beep beep, I hear it in my head even when theyre not here, beep beep beep beep. curse brigade and their patent, beep beep beep beep. I swear these telehandlers dont have a forward gear, beep beep beep beep!

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