You... Forgive me I...I had no idea

In the Temple of Five, #3 (D'Anna) seeks to see the faces of the Final Five. Cavil says "That can't happen" and tries to shoot her. Later she is boxed for her quest (and also because the actress is only contracted for so many episodes, but we'll ignore that.:-)

As she enters the projection, she looks with some surprise at the 5 robed figures laid out before her. Curiously, there are six drapes, but they stand on only 5 of them, leaving the one on her left empty. Then she approaches one with a look of shocked recognition and issues the apology:

You... Forgive me I...I had no idea

(By the way, in a nice irony, as she gives up everything to see the faces of the Final Five, two of them are outside, getting shot at by her own Centurions.)


Baltar: So we all understand it's not chance.

When Baltar and the Cylons come to Galactica above the Algae planet he says:

"The chances that we've all converged on this small planet at the same time are infinitesimally small. So we all understand it's not chance."

Gaeta also says:

"I can't get my head around these odds. That both humans and Cylons both converged around this planet at this exact moment, just as the star's about to go supernova?"

D'Anna to Baltar: "You were right"

One of the most important scenes in the entire series is the final scene in the Temple of Five. I'll write more about it, though its main revelation -- that the Final Five are very, very old -- appears confirmed. After #3 (D'Anna) gets her vision of the Final Five, she collapses and says to Baltar: "So beautiful. You were right." But she never answers his "about what?"

Think like RDM in deciding who will be the final Cylon

Ok, so you're RDM and you've got 5 Cylons left and you have declared they are a special, distinct group of Cylons and they are much older than the 7 shown before, so they can be anybody.

You may have picked your final Cylon long ago, you only picked the other 4 while writing Season 3.

You plan some "big reveal" scenes. You have a few planned for the show. The first one will be to reveal the F5 are special, possibly associated with an Earth Temple. Your next one is to apparently kill Starbuck and have her come back courtesy of some Earth folks.

Two of the biggest reveals you have planned are to show four of the final 5, and then in season 4 to show the last one.

Showing the 4 is going to be dramatic, because you're going to show a lot of people that their assumptions were wrong, by giving them Tigh.

But you are going to leave one Cylon unrevealed. And all the rules of drama demand that this one left over is the big one. The revalation of this Cylon should be an even bigger dramatic event than the revalation of the first 4.

So of your five, who are you going to leave out?

Welcome to the Battlestar Galactica Analysis Blog

For a few years my favourite TV show was the new Battlestar Galactica. I watched the original as a teen-ager, since it didn't have much competition at the time, but Ron Moore's new version is literally and figuratively light-years ahead. Like many great shows, it is not only a drama but a mystery. There's a hidden backstory for the audience to puzzle out as we watch.

While watching it, I did a lot of detailed analysis. I even worked out an invented backstory that was a mixture of where the writers appeared to be going and some interesting ideas of my own.