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Blog entryNo, ads won't pay for your robotaxi ride -- but your employer might, and that has big consequences brad1418 hours 58 min ago
Blog entryGoogle can spin the "Duplex" calling agent in a much more positive way brad11 day 16 hours ago
Blog entryWhat if teams were forced to contribute robocar incident data? brad21 day 23 hours ago
Forum topicBest company in each country to buy a prepaid SIM from brad2162 days 13 hours ago
Blog entryHow can robocar transit affect the personal safety of transportation, especially regarding sexual assault? brad83 days 4 hours ago
Blog entryI flew transatlantic on SAS with no food or drink, and it was actually pretty nice brad43 days 9 hours ago
Blog entrySecond driver's revenge: Why does car rental pricing suck so much? brad134 days 3 hours ago
Blog entrySafety Drivers for Robocars -- the issues and rationale brad265 days 16 hours ago
Blog entrySolve the Proposition 13 problem by paying off the difference when you sell brad75 days 17 hours ago
Blog entryThe improbable secret Kim conspiracy to reunify Korea brad05 days 18 hours ago
Blog entryCredit card companies, give us a fake "verifiable" address brad76 days 2 hours ago
Blog entryHow to fly to Europe Biz Class for $2800 this summer, and in the future brad66 days 23 hours ago
Blog entryCan we verify plea deals and make them better? brad61 week 6 hours ago
Blog entryV2V and connected car part 3: Broadcast data brad71 week 7 hours ago
Blog entryA universal Web-USB plugin for all browsers brad41 week 9 hours ago
Blog entryUber reported to have made an error tuning perception system brad671 week 12 hours ago
Blog entryFlyover: Is the left's vocabulary meaner than the right's? brad141 week 16 hours ago
BattlestarTigh the Cylon brad261 week 2 days ago
Blog entryHaplogroups, Haplotypes and genealogy, oh my brad61 week 2 days ago
Blog entryBlog has been moved to a new server -- notes on shopping for hosting brad21 week 3 days ago
Blog entryRobocars driving when the map is wrong brad101 week 3 days ago
Blog entryDriving without a map is another example of being cheap rather than being safe brad351 week 3 days ago
Blog entryEverybody is your 16th cousin brad521 week 3 days ago
Blog entryThe decline of blogging, and what replaces it? brad141 week 6 days ago
Blog entryWhy do most online discussion packages suck so badly? brad62 weeks 2 hours ago