Cruise expands to Phoenix and Austin


Cruise announced today it would expand robotaxi operations to Phoenix and Austin and was able to do so very easily. They plan to have $1B in revenue by 2025 and even sell cars to consumers by then.

More details at Cruise expands to Phoenix and Austin


This article is super misleading, perhaps it was written by a bot? In every single article Brad has written, he goes out of his way to tell you how he thinks Waymo is best. Tesla discussion? Oh Waymo is best, even if it’s Autopilot which is clearly unfair comparison. Brad has already provided Forbes pieces and reddit posts where he covered Cruise and said “not Waymo, so not best!”

Why don’t you just go back to Waymo as PR? or at least disclose your financial conflict of interest. It’s telling these posts on Forbes keep popping up given how Forbes vets and edits its contributions:

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GM needs a Bolt evangelist.

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