Cruise expands to Phoenix and Austin


Cruise announced today it would expand robotaxi operations to Phoenix and Austin and was able to do so very easily. They plan to have $1B in revenue by 2025 and even sell cars to consumers by then.

More details at Cruise expands to Phoenix and Austin


This article is super misleading, perhaps it was written by a bot? In every single article Brad has written, he goes out of his way to tell you how he thinks Waymo is best. Tesla discussion? Oh Waymo is best, even if it’s Autopilot which is clearly unfair comparison. Brad has already provided Forbes pieces and reddit posts where he covered Cruise and said “not Waymo, so not best!”

Why don’t you just go back to Waymo as PR? or at least disclose your financial conflict of interest. It’s telling these posts on Forbes keep popping up given how Forbes vets and edits its contributions:

todays transcript of GM at Goldman Sachs conf worth reading

General Motors Company (GM) Presents at Goldman Sachs 2022 Communacopia + Technology Conference (Transcript)

Find at seekingalpha

Buy a Chevrolet Bolt to help promote affordable EVs and with increased purchasing volume, GM can further cut the price.

GM needs a Bolt evangelist.

Why Toyota – the world’s largest automaker – isn’t all-in on electric vehicles.

www dot cnbc dot com/2022/09/13/why-toyota-the-worlds-largest-automaker-isnt-all-in-on-evs.html

Ford, VW and other OEMs are conspicuously quiet about robotaxi developments for the US market.

MIT study suggests cities should coordinate ride-hailing

cities-today dot com/mit-study-suggests-city-platforms-to-coordinate-ride-hailing

been 8 years since Apple launched the Titan project

robotaxi articles and comments by Twitter user "aniccia" includes new Consumer Reports

www dot mckinsey dot com/industries/automotive-and-assembly/our-insights/the-road-to-affordable-autonomous-mobility

UBER and Motional (Hyundai and Aptiv) announce 10 year partnership with the first robotaxi trips expected to start later this year.

When will Hyundai establish a dedicated manufacturing line similar to the approach GM has for manufacturing the Origin for Cruise?

When will Geely both manufacture the AV vehicle and install the Waymo technology all on the same assembly line?

To scale out a robotaxi fleet without an OEM manufacturing line performing a complete buildout of the robotaxi is not feasible.

Which OEM is next to announce a partnership to provide scaling of an Robotaxi AV solution?

1500, 2500 or how many per yr given regulations ?

Ford and GM petitioned to deploy only up to 2,500 autonomous vehicles a year without a steering wheel.

City transportation officials oppose Ford, GM self-driving vehicle petitions.

In comments submitted to NHTSA, the National Association of City Transportation Officials said it strongly opposes both automakers’ requests for temporary exemptions.
September 23, 2022

The coalition of 92 major cities and transit agencies is urging NHTSA to deny separate requests from Ford Motor Co. and General Motors to deploy a limited number of self-driving vehicles without certain human controls or functions on U.S. roads.

In comments submitted to the agency Wednesday, the National Association of City Transportation Officials said it strongly opposes both automakers' requests for temporary exemptions from certain federal vehicle safety standards.

The association — whose member cities include Detroit, Phoenix and San Francisco — argues in part that forcing self-driving vehicles "into the existing regulatory scheme is inappropriate" and that NHTSA instead should use its rule-making authority to establish new performance standards for those vehicles.

It also said the automakers' petitions do not meet the legal standard to receive an exemption and that the exemptions aren't necessary to achieve their claimed public benefits.

The agency has not yet issued a decision on either petition.

When the company’s purpose-built Origin robotaxi starts hitting the streets in 2023, it will be outfitted with the C6 board. That board will eventually be replaced with the C7 which will have Cruise’s Dune chip. Dune will process all of the sensor data for the system, according to Cruise.

Typically, automakers use parts and sensors from Tier 1 suppliers in order to reduce R&D and manufacturing costs. Cruise couldn’t see a way to launch its autonomous ride-hailing without doing more of the work itself. The result is that the C7 board is 90% cheaper, has a 70% reduction in mass, and uses 60% less power than chips provided by a supplier.

techcrunch dot com/2022/10/16/why-cruise-is-making-its-own-chips-and-a-lot-more-besides/

Cruise positions Origin functionality today which would could be taken as a direct comparison to Waymo. See the accessibility tweet post by Cruise today.

Autonomous Mobility Networks study by Roland Berger

European Commission will prevent a company like Waymo/Google dominating autonomy in Europe

medium dot com/goggo/europe-must-set-up-a-licensing-model-to-fully-reap-the-benefits-of-the-autonomous-mobility-8b7f681daeda

Roland Berger study download at bottom of article

Stopping a monopoly before anybody has even deployed a single vehicle.

On May 4 2020, Intel states

"The addition of Moovit brings Intel’s Mobileye closer to achieving its plan to become a complete mobility provider, including robotaxi services, which is forecast to be an estimated $160 billion opportunity by 2030."

But according to Roger Lanctot's interpretation of Mobileye IPO analyst call in late October 2022,
"When a Robotaxi is NOT a Robotaxi"
on Linkedin

"On a call with analysts, Mobileye executives said the company wasn’t really launching commercial robotaxi services"

"In other words, Mobileye has no plans to launch its own commercial robotaxi service. The robotaxi operational mode is merely a useful one for demonstrating and refining the capabilities of the system"

Go figure that out.

Was the 900 million spent on Moovit a bad strategy decision in hindsight or does Mobileye feel Moovit can be a white box solution application provider to the new MaaS network operators? Moovit IS the operator of the robotoxai service in Israel and Moovit is now owned by Mobileye, as stated on select photos of the drivers side of the vehicles.

A deep dive on the robotaxi economy versus the robo-shuttle world is a great topic for you to author.

still no call recording link but here be the october slides
www sohu com/a/594636088_618347?
click link at bottom in middle

repeat "Driverless Rollout by the end of 2022 in Israel and Munich" of the robotaxi fleet.

slide 28 29 30 read careful many detail

original design is impressive.
new design looks cheap.

Pininfarina published a teaser of a new autonomous shuttle by Holon, set to be unveiled on January 5 at the 2023 CES in Las Vegas.

www carscoops com/2022/12/holon-teases-pininfarina-designed-autonomous-shuttle-for-ces/

looks like vintage 1960s Mercedes 319 bus. what a shame.

Original Pininfarina-Benteler artist rendering back in beginning of November brought excitement to the concept.

Even the Gaussin design also by Pininfarina is steps ahead.

Now this final Holon shuttle design is just another shoebox. What are they thinking?

exterior shell of the Xiaoyu 2.0 designed by Yutong is a worthy aesthetic design and overall dimensions are appropriate. What was Holon thinking with this new shoebox?

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