Part 2 of why you don't have a robocar yet


Last week I published part 1 of a 2-part video and text series on the factors standing in the way of you getting a robocar.

Here's part 2 as video:

You can read the text version on at Why Don’t You Have A Self-Driving Car Yet? Part Two Outlines Some Social Problems


50% Of All American Workers Made Less Than $3,133 A Month Last Year

Speaking at the Automobilwoche Kongress conference in Berlin, the chief executive predicted that affordable battery-electric cars were still five to six years away.

social unrest would ensue if combustion engine cars were banned before affordable electric vehicles were available.

See my more recent post. Yes, EVs have a higher sticker price. But their total cost of ownership is already completely competitive, but many people can't get their brain to think about TCO.

McKinsey: TCO of BEV in 2025 can exceed ICE over 3 years. AUGUST 2022 report

61 cents per km vs 58 cents per km

McKinsey Center For Future Mobility

McKinsey Mobility Insight of the Week

Certainly it could over 3 years. It's a lifetime TCO. If you are going to get a 3 year lease, the EV will cost more today unless you drive it vast amount.

Morgan Stanley considers EV affordability a problem. EV adoption slows, maybe plateaus.

Research report from GoldmanSachs
projects that cars with Level 3 and above automation will account for only 15% of sales in 2030.

average sticker price for EVs that were actually made and shipped to dealerships, however, was $61,251, almost one-third higher, according to Edmunds.

www dot bloomberg dot com/news/articles/2022-09-17/the-affordable-electric-car-is-still-mostly-fantasy?

www dot theverge dot com/2022/11/9/23449741/kia-ev6-price-increase-electric-vehicle-ev-affordable

www dot torquenews dot com/1083/affordable-ev-models-see-continued-delivery-declines/amp

Average yearly income of buyer was over $100,000.

EV sales will plateau much sooner than forecast.

average transaction price vehicles.

ATP of electric vehicles in June was $66,997.
ATP of non-luxury vehicle in June was $43,952.
ATP of Hybrid/alternative energy vehicle in June was $39,040.

TCO of pure EVs is non-existent over 10 year period at prices in 2022.

mediaroom dot kbb dot com/2022-07-12-New-Vehicle-Prices-Set-a-Record-in-June,-According-to-Kelley-Blue-Book,-as-Luxury-Share-Hits-New-High

Hyundai ATP $35,768
Toyota. ATP $37,620
Volkswagen ATP $38,497

EV sales will plateau.

www dot timesofisrael dot com/israel-to-test-self-driving-public-bus-systems-in-two-year-national-pilot/

more dream
just like robotaxi dream in tel aviv
no robotaxi in tel aviv and 2022 almost over

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